Baltic Culture Wave

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Initial situation

The sector of Popular Music in South Baltic area is characterized by loose structures, project-oriented work and freelance activities. Co-operations are motivated by interest and established through individual networks, which differ in quality and aren’t strategically linked to a special region.

The project intends to stabilize these loose structures by creating a network of popular music agents in South Baltic area. Therefore more people of regional music scenes have the possibility to participate in co-operations and joint initiatives.

The focus on cross-border co-operations is quite reasonable for the regional popular music scenes since the artistic contents and influences in popular music are very international. Popular-music-communities of different nations are interested to co-operate with each other, develop projects and build up networks.


 Project description

“Baltic Culture Wave” will create connections between the cultural communities of Rostock, Gdynia, Klaipeda, Malmoe and Sjaelland as relevant coastal centres in South Baltic area with a focus on Popular Music

The main aims of the cooperation established with this project are an exchange of knowledge and artistic approaches and the establishment of a network for future co-operations.

This should be done in two ways:

  1. by bringing together artists of all participating communities, who exchange knowledge and artistic approaches and who jointly develop and present cultural products.
  2. by getting to know, linking and documenting the cultural infrastructure of all participating communities.

The implementation of these aims will be primarily reached by two main events that shall take place in Rostock 2012 and in Gdynia 2013: a cultural event, where cultural products are developed and presented, and a conference, where the cultural institutions will be brought into contact with each other.

In preparation of, between and after these events, an active networking between the participating regions will take place. These project activities have exemplary status and, thus, shall be documented for adaptation in other interested regions of the SB area.

All partners and interested third parties will be invited to the events where the results of this project are presented, thus, enhancing the network and turning it into a sustainable, even larger cooperation network.

As a result, a network for popular music that involves professional and semi-professional musicians as well as cultural institutions (clubs, festivals, radio etc.) that provide related infrastructure will be established as a SB-wide network. To reach this long-term aim of a large SB network, other relevant cultural communities will be regularly informed about project activities and results.

Part financed by the European Union (European Regional Development Fund)